What Is Coaching ?

Coaching is a term that many practitioners and therapists are using all over the world. However, even all the professionals doesn’t agree on a unique definition.

Instead of debating on which one is the right one I am proposing you my definition of it that is the following :

Coaching is an accompaniment of groups or individuals in the quest of closing the gap between who they are and who they want to become.

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What Coaching Is Not ?

Coaching is not a Therapy. A therapist focus on feelings related to past events. Working on past events is for sure useful and might be even be necessary. Hovewer, it is not the goal of coaching.

Coaching is not Consulting. A consultant provides expert advices in a particular area. A coach is here to help you to find and create your own solutions. The coach have the tools. It is your responsibility to decide what you are going to create with it.

Coaching is not Training.  A Trainer instructs and tell you what to do controlling the content and the process. Coaching focus on the client.

People who I recommend results coaching with me

  • Do I really know who I am ?
  • Do I have dreams or objectives that are important to me to achieve ?
  • Am I willing to question myself and be ready to create new path ?

I do not know who you are and yet I am sure of one thing. You have today and in you all the necessary ressources to reach your objectives. Sometimes the most difficult step is to accept help.

I work both online and offline fully accompanying a small number of individuals.  In the right conditions I might study the accompaniment of groups.